Ultimate Drag Racer


This game allows anyone who feels the need for speed to let their frustrations out. From having to drive sensibly down a normal city road you can come out full pelt with a racer that is so fast it will leave you breathless. This game takes a side-on view to racing, giving you a choice of cars that you can take out on the drag track to try and set your own personal records. You have to race one other car, and this is a fast experience, with the high quality graphics and the high-octane thrills really making for a fantastic experience.

Choose your car with your mouse and then you have the chance to roll up to the start line. Here you have to wait until you have the go ahead, and then you can race off, trying to beat the other car in a true drag race. You get to shift up the gears using the arrow keys, and this is a big deal when you have to beat the other car in a fast-paced race. The gears really help with fast speed changes.