Traffic Command 3


This game is the third edition of the Traffic Command series. Gamers are required to direct the traffic in order to avoid any traffic jams and accidents. Make the most of your mouse to highlight the cars that you need to move, the traffic lights as well as any other objects.

Traffic Command 3 is one of the widely played free games on the internet. If you want to play this gripping game, you need to know the rules in order to become a clear winner.

In the game, players are supposed to be effective traffic managers. You have the opportunity to select your preferred level of difficulty. So, as you go through the various levels, you can be able to enhance your skills. Make sure that you maintain smooth flow of cars, turning traffic lights on and off and preventing cars from landing onto trains or each other. The town center currently boasts a railroad, so traffic is not as good as before. Your consultant assistance is required to be the occasion of smooth driving on the streets again. You’ll need to remove cars that have broken down by clicking on them the number keys can help you to change the street lights and e sure that there is smooth flow of traffic.

When it comes to the graphics, there is little to celebrate about actually. TC3 seems to have been designed with a tight budget, meaning that there are no astounding graphics.

On the other hand, in the contemporary world of flashy and shiny games, Traffic Command 3 comes out as an exceptional version as it is in a class of its own at the moment. You cannot easily find a game like this, wherever you look. For many Traffic Command lovers, this was a real revelation in the series and it is something that wasn’t seen before. It is not surprising that this game has come to appeal to many people regardless of their age. Bear in mind that the TC3 actually delivers what it was meant to and will not disappoint you at all. Unlike other games currently available on the game, you’ll not get frustrated playing this game as it doesn’t crash. It seems to have the real flair that will keep you entertained for several hours. This game has certainly been able to achieve more than expected despite all the games currently available.