Porsche Carrera


In this game you get to develop an incredible experience through pimping a Porsche Carrera. The wealth of options is truly staggering. First of all you can choose any of the models that are currently available and then take the opportunity to pimp the vehicles as much as you want, with color and style entirely up to you. After a few goes at it you should find that it is very difficult to imagine playing any other car customization title. The sheer array of options makes this a real game changer.

The very fact that you can actually change the hood indent is amazing. This is something that we don’t think we have seen on any other car pimping game available; these little features show the sheer professionalism of the title. You feel that you are playing something that has the blessing of the German carmakers themselves. In other words, through using your mouse and your imagination, you have the perfect homage to Porsche.