Jet Bus


In the cool Jet Bus game, your game is to meet people’s transportation needs in a future city through a futuristic Jet Bus. The fast and light weight Jet Bus is capable of flying between platforms to transport people around the city. Transport people to their destination to win in Jet Bus game. Only first level will be available to you in the beginning and you can unlock all the exciting levels as you progress through the game.

Begin the game by selecting a difficulty level; Easy, Normal or Hard. Use the arrow keys to move your vehicle in any direction. Hold LEFT/RIGHT + Z for nitro boost towards either direction. Hit X to apply brakes and C to teleport to destination through a time machine. Press P to pause any time during the game. Be careful, on some levels, forces including magnet or wind might push your Jet Bus towards a particular direction.

Drive carefully and help people reach their destination in Jet Bus game.