You need to control the car with your mouse on order to dodge the many obstacles that lay before you.
These obstacles may slow you down and cause damage.
At the beginning you need to enter your name and try for the lowest time.
Your score will be posted on the score board.

The cars have different attributes:
1. Dune Buggy – Is a well rounded average car and good for beginners.
2. Hummer – It’s a tough car and is hard to slow down, but at the same time it has a low top speed and acceleration.
3. Hotrod – has a high acceleration and top speed, but road obstacles slow you down and deplete your damage bar fast.
4. Hovercraft – it has good acceleration and top speed, the only problem is that it is harder to control than the rest of the cars.
Whilst it is immune to some of the obstacles you need to beware of the overhangs such as bridges and trees.