Bikemania 5


There are many online bike games, but bike mania is one of those outstanding ones. The bike mania line features a large variety of games that imitate the approach of such games. They are not only entertaining to play but are also simple to play, even though they can be tough to master.

Bike mania boasts the end track bike races that should be completed in order for you to become the end winner. Because it is a tough game, only the seasoned gamers can be able to become real champs. Nonetheless, no matter whether you are a novice or an experienced gamer, Bike Mania is the ideal game for you if you are searching for a challenging climbing task that is loaded with fun moments.

As the first bike manias race game in the series unfolds, we are introduced to the main idea in the entire Bike Mania technique of play. If you are the biker, you’ll find that it can be said to be a side strolling experience. You’ll need to control the strolling speed as well as the balance of your bike. It is even possible to perform a number of stunts. The series largely draws inspiration from the original style of the game even if there are a few additional tricks here and there.

With the interesting game play, coupled with a wonderful score system, Bike Mania is really an indispensable game for individuals who love motorbike games.

The target of the gamer is to climb through the obstacles on the dirty terrain to complete the race within the shortest time possible. Ion competition, you’ll get your 1, 2, or 3 stars based on your performance. Your performance will be based on your speed. This is largely because you can be able to change the speed and control your balance. When it comes to the game play, this game is excellently executed. You’ll need to alter the speed as well as the balance of your bike as you move through the course.

Apparently, the game is quite clean. The snow and rain effects might be a bit of an annoyance but in general it is rather good. You’ll also enjoy music from the background, meaning that it is not clumsily silent.

The game entails roughly 1½ hours to complete, which is just enough. It is possible to replay various levels in order to receive all the starts.